Derwent - Graphic Hard (Technical) Pencil - 12 Tin

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 Derwent - Graphic Hard (Technical) Pencil - 12 Tin

  • Professional quality hard graphite pencils, Perfect for professional artists and amateurs of all ages
  • Ideal for fine detailed illustrations and adding shading and texture to your drawing
  • Anti-roll hexagonal barrels fit standard pencil sharpeners and allow for greater precision and control, Easy to sharpen and break resistant for long-term useAttractive tin with removable lid for easy access to pencils without taking up space on your desk, Degrees embossed in whiteContents: 1x Set of 6 Graphic Graphite Pencils (2 Watersoluble Graphitone Sticks 6B, 8B, 4 Graphic Pencils 4B, 2B, HB and H), Sharpener, Eraser,


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